Outdoor & Boot Camp Training


Spartan RaceĀ® incorporates a large range of CorMax gear in over 30 countries.

The Commander & Beast products are ideal for outdoor training and for team use. Groups work together with shoulder, overhead or stretcher carries.

CorMax is manufactured from tough, durable and odor resistant PVC. To clean, simply hose down and towel dry.

Gyms / Personal Trainers


EPX Elite Performance in Los Angeles, CA incorporates the entire range of CorMax products into their state-of-the-art training facility. The CorMax range is the first equipment to offer unlimited variety of instability during training. The unpredictable water movement offers challenge and fun in personal or group training, unlike more commonly found accessories.

The Aqua Ball and Torpedoes are easy to incorporate into one on one training without the need to offer the entire range of CorMax systems. Personal Trainer’s add new dimension and training energy to drive results and motivate clients in new ways. When deflated, the Commander is easy to transport and even easier to inflate onsite — it only takes 30 seconds per Commander.

Youth Fitness


CorMax products are a safe and effective way to create fun and strength for athletes of all ages. Intuitively teach stability and core engagement for young adults looking to gain foundational strength for sports.