Water-Filled Instability

Challenge to stabilize during each and every movement. The sloshing of water pulls and pushes the body in less predictable direction, igniting and engaging core stabilization during every movement.

Lower the water fill and CorMax products become increasingly more difficult to control. Conversely with more water, the heavier it becomes, making it more stable and easier to predict the direction of force.

Engage secondary and stabilizing muscle groups efficiently and safely.

Extreme Durability


Boot Camps, Outdoor Races, and Group Functional Training are more fun and challenging with CorMax. CorMax is intended for all environments and harsh training conditions. Each unit is constructed and heat seamed with double lined PVC waterproof material. This material is the same composition used for U.S. NAVY Seal rescue boats.

Functional Training


Exercise equipment with fun and variety to take FUNctional Training to a new level with the CorMax range. You can imitate just about any movement from your daily life. The Commander, Torpedoes, Grenades and AQA Balls are an ideal way to get stronger and fitter in a functional way.

Core Engagement


Water flowing action and instability is ideal for total core and stability training. The constant shift challenges your muscles entirely, especially the stabilizing muscles and body core muscles greatly reducing the chance of injury.

Exercise Variety


The CorMax range provides destabilizing forces for sport, power and strength training. Mimic various movements required in all sports – football, tennis, golf, boxing and more. Perform highly specific exercises with a constantly changing weight instead of static training.

Squats, Bulgarian squats, military press, snatches, lunges and so on can be repetitive and tiresome. CorMax range intensifies basic movements, working your full body harder each rep to improve your strength and power.